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Tyre width The width of your tyre, in millimetres, measured from sidewall to sidewall. Wheel diameter The diameter height of the wheel in inches. For example, a tyre with a load index of 91 can carry kg of weight. Load ratings and speed ratings should be looked at together when you buy a new tyre.

clean inside car

Speed rating The speed rating is the maximum speed for a tyre when it is correctly inflated and being used under load. The speed rating is the letter at the end of the sidewall, after the load index number. When buying new tyres, make sure you match their speed rating with the speed capabilities of your vehicle.

Antiozonant [: a chemical compound that prevents or slows down the degradation of material caused by ozone gas in the air ozone cracking ] Also known as antiozonant, they are used as additives to plastics and rubber, especially in tyre manufacturing.

If you were to see rubber going into a tyre factory, it would be grey, not black. Untreated tyres would have a very short life if they weren't protected against the elements and the environment, so amongst other ingredients, Carbon Black is added during the manufacturing process. But the Carbon Black has a limited life-span because, as it does its job, it diminishes itself. As carbon black loses the ability to do its job, it turns gray. This is why rubber greys as it ages.

When it is no longer there to protect the tyre, the original grey rubber colour starts to reappear.

These waxes and polymers migrate through the tyre at a molecular level to form a barrier against harmful ozone. As the tyres move with the car being driven the rubber flexes and heats up, allowing tiny amounts of the wax to surface. When a vehicle is not being driven i. The technical term for this effect is blooming.

how to clean black plastic trim on car

Many chemical compounds, especially solvents, react vigorously at ambient temperatures as the oxidizing process takes place between water and the tyre polymer-binding agents. Water tends to wash away the natural oils and micro-waxes that help to maintain the tyres flexibility.

Be cognizant that some tyre cleaners can cause the antiozonant to migrate to the surface faster than others d Solvents - Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone and most other tyre companies advise against the use of Dimethyl solvent tyre dressings solvent- based because they leach the rubber additives to the tyre clean inside car, which then removes the elasticity from vinyl, rubber and paint; causing them to evaporate out clean inside car the substrate and could result in premature drying and cracking, leaving behind a dry inflexible surface.

Tyre Cleaning The slightly porous nature of rubber however this varies according to the polymers used attracts oils, dirt, brake dust and road grime. For any type of protection to work efficiently on rubber it must be able to adhere to the surface.

how to clean black plastic trim on car

First remove any brake dust, blooming, road tar, grease and grime, silicone and oxidized rubber from the surface to properly clean it. The key to tyre dressing durability is deep cleaning the tyre, spray or apply your cleaner allow to soak clean inside car for a minute or clean inside car and then use the power of a genitális szemölcsök kezelése a végbélnyílás férfiakban dual action car polisher to deep clean carpet brush.

This durable 5-inch brush attaches to a backing plate via hook and loop. Tyre cleaner needs to be strong enough to tackle a heavy build-up of tyre dressings, silicone and road grime, but not damage wheel coatings.

Griot's Garage has two excellent products for cleaning rubber. Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner is for regular cleanings; like a car wash for your tires, cleans rubber tires, trim, and hoses perioralis dermatitis prepare them for a coat of protectant, it will also remove the white clean inside car release from new tyres.

Rubber protectants bond better with clean rubber.

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Griot's Garage Rubber Prep is an intense cleaner for heavily soiled rubber tires, trim, mouldings, seals, and hoses, which strips away silicones, sealants, waxes, oils and greases to properly prepare the rubber This gel rubber cleaner removes clean inside car dressings and road grime to prepare the surface for a coat of rubber protectant by getting down to the bare tyre rubber; apply with a terry towel to provide some agitation.

Micro fibre came about by combining two DuPont inventions: hydrophobic Polyester a scrubbing fibre which also gives the material strength and durability and a hydrophilic Polyamide an absorbing fibre that is tremendously absorbent and quick drying A quality citrus-based cleaner P21S® Total Auto Wash should clean the tyres down to the original rubber surface, this is especially important when you apply a new dressing, as dressings won't adhere to, or create the right shine on dirty rubber or silicone residue.

Be sure also that both your clean inside car and the applicator is clean and has not become saturated. In general, a quick wipe down with a microfiber towel should remove the excess and eliminate it Ultra Violet Radiation Stabilizers Ultra Violet Radiation Stabilizers are a group of chemical agents with the ability to counteract or neutralize the harmful effects of radiation. Competitive absorbers provide protection by converting UV light to heat so it can dissipate harmlessly.

clean inside car

Other UV stabilizers work differently, but all UV stabilizers are consumed as they do their job. In a way, they serve as sacrificial molecules, taking the abuse from radiation instead of the material they are protecting. Due to the protection layer being degraded by exposure to the elements sun, sand, road or sea salt, and etc.

Some tyre cleaners contain bleach to brighten whitewalls but bleach can turn the carbon black in tyres a dull grey colour 2. Bleche-Wite® Whitewall Cleaner- contains Butyl Cellosolve 2-butoxyethanol Sodium Met silicate and Sodium Hydroxide, which are acidic, none of which are particularly paint, rubber or human friendly.

clean inside car

Amazing Roll Off and Purple Power all contain Butyl Cellosolve 2-butoxyethanol Sodium Met silicate and Sodium Hydroxide, which are acidic, none of which are particularly paint, rubber or environmentally friendly. Matte black tyres with a natural sheen are quite simply the final touch to an otherwise perfectly prepared vehicle. Detailing relies on the correct preparation procedures and the correct methodology to obtain pristine results.

clean inside car

For any tyre protect ant to work well on rubber it must be applied to a clean surface. The porous nature of rubber and polymers attracts dirt, dust, and brake dust and road grime. DO NOT USE tyre dressing on motorcycles, bicycles, or other two-wheeled vehicles tyres or seats and avoid spraying onto brake rotors, brake drums or brake pedals.

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CarPro PERL Coat - is a durable, water based protective coating that that contains UV protection and is designed to be used on all exterior rubber and vinyl, including tyres. For a durable up to three months low glass, natural look, it can be diluted depending on the desired look and the surface being treated.

clean inside car

Recommend dilution ratios - External plastics 1: 3, TyresInterior vinyl Application · Pour diluted Perl Coat solution into a spray bottle. Spray on surface from 8 - inch distance and wipe off with a microfiber towel.

Protection Water- based vs. Solvent-based Petroleum distillates oils will remove or break down the protective polymers and waxes in tires the difference between water and solvent based is in the carrier system used. Solvent based products use a hydrocarbon silicone to suspend the product.

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When you apply it, the solvent evaporates leaving the dressing's active ingredients silicone oil behind; this type of silicone leaves a high gloss shine and will repel water longer but it is non-biodegradable. Most high gloss products are based upon DMS solvents. Szemölcs a nyelvemen, if not all water-based dressings are biodegradable whereas solvent- based silicone is not.

These penetrating-type silicone oils form a flexible protective shield that prevents penetration of moisture and dirt.

Most silicone dressings, although very durable, leave a never-dry high gloss film, they remove the elasticity from vinyl, rubber and paint; clean inside car them to evaporate out of the substrate, leaving behind a dry inflexible surface.

When a solvent-based tyre dressing combines with carbon black it forms a liquid that when slung on the plastic body parts of a lighter colour will irreparably stain the paint Most high gloss products are based upon DMS silicone oil, the difference between water and solvent based is in the carrier system used.

This type of solvent will dissolve away the protective waxes and can actually aggressively compromise the sidewall. In the event of warranty sidewall failure, one of the first things tyre manufacturers look for is evidence of the use of these types of products. The big three auto companies Ford, General Motors and Chrysler have clean inside car advisories or technical bulletins to their dealers to not use heavy petroleum distillate-dimethyl silicone oil dressings for another reason; paint and wheel surface staining.


Most factory styled wheels are coated with a clear coat type of coating. Some are more porous than others and use of an incorrect dressing may stain them the same as the body parts.

Tyre manufacturers use carbon black to protect them against ultra violet radiation. Remedy- This can be caused by a applying the product to an improperly cleaned surface, to which it cannot adhere too.

Apply a thin and even coating and then buff surface with a clean dry towel minutes later to remove any excess and even out the coating. You should never stop learning, and your quest for information should be part of your everyday process.

Mississippi Jack's Car Wash and Auto detailing

clean inside car It is said that knowledge is power, with the caveat that it includes access to a reliable information sources. I detailed my first vehicle at the age of fourteen forty plus years later I started to write detailing articles to share my experiences. My mantra has always been Experience Unshared Knowledge Wasted.

In reality they are just advertisements, with the appearance of educators, mere salesman. Those who have something to sell can be very persuasive, often using marketing pseudo-science i. Hasi limfóma rák purchase all the products I use, so the endorsement is entirely personal and commercially unbiased, the product recommendation is based on "Does exactly what it says on the tin" and it suits my detailing goals.

The products mentioned have been personally subjected to extensive laboratory using state of the art instruments and methodologies in some of the world's most prestigious labs as well as field testing, and using the methodology and tools cited, which may or clean inside car not be the same as those recommended by the manufacturer. It has been my experience that they will perform the task more than adequately, hence the personal recommendation, as this testing is carried out without sponsorship I have no intention of publishing any test results.

Using the methodology and tools cited, which may or may not be the same as those recommended by the manufacturer.

clean inside car

I hope these articles are informative. They are based on the current status of technical development as well as my experience with the products. I would appreciate it if you would share these articles as it helps other detailers further their knowledge.